Music of the 1970s

This week we visit the 1970s on our journey through history.  You’re in for a groovy time this week while I bring you the disco and rock music that made the decade!

ABBA gold : greatest hits – This is the part where I admit that I shamefully listen to ABBA way too frequently.  Yes.  While I stomp through my college campus, on my way to class, and on the outside I may seem sullen, but inside I’m silently rocking out to Dancing Queen.  ABBA is great for getting the party started because practically every one of their songs are upbeat!  My personal favorite happens to be ‘Waterloo’!

The essential Simon & Garfunkel – Their music is timeless really.  I listen to Simon and Garfunkel whenever life just seems to be moving too fast.  Check out their ‘Best Of’ album to beat the stress.  My favorite is ‘Cecilia’!

Back in Black –  AC/DC: For those times that those daily stresses get to be too much and Simon and Garfunkle aren’t cutting it.  I reccomend a dose of AC/DC, cranked to the highest level possible!  My track of choice ‘Shoot to Thrill’.

Jackson 5 – These legendary Jackson family began their careers as part of the iconic Jackson 5!  This album will have you taping your toes and bopping your head to their incredibly harmonies!  I love the song ‘ABC’ and I play it on my radio show every chance I get!

Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen : Nothing gets me more pumped up than the title track from the 1975 sucess ‘Born to Run’.  I don’t know what it is, but this album gets me ready to take on the world.  Check out this album for the classic rock album that’s stuck around for over three decades!

Next week: The 1980s!