Music of the 1930s!

Though times were tough financially in the 1930s, the music of the decade had the power to lift the spirits of a nation in the midst of The Great Depression.  This week, it is my honor to bring you a list of music from the 1930s which will transport you to a an era very much different and yet that same as our own! I concentrated on country music as well as the music of Broadway!

75 years of the WSM Grand Ole Opry – The Opry has been a destination for fans of country music for decades, since it opened in the 1930’s.  In this collection of music, the classic hits of the early 1900’s are coupled with those of iconic modern artists!  This CD is one to pick up if you’re up for a taste of classic country music!

Anything Goes – When I think about the classic Broadway shows of the 1930’s, the work of legendary Cole Porter springs to mind.  Anything Goes in particular is a fun and surprisingly contemporary musical!  Kick back and tap your toes to this tale of highjinks on the high seas!

Cole Porter’s Can-Can – In Paris, a group of dancers fight for the right to express themselves in a world where the namesake of this musical is not only forbidden but illegal.  This is the soundtrack to the musical, “Can-Can”  Take it from me, these songs are catchy!

Ella Fitzgerald sings the Cole Porter songbook. – I can’t think of anything more nostalgic than the timeless voice of Ella Fitzgerald belting out the classic songs of Cole Porter.  Treat yourself to this album!

The Essential George Gershwin –  The amazingly talented George Gershwin has contributed so many iconic works to the 1930’s.  Kick back on a summer evening and stay a while.

Our Love is Here to Stay : Ella & Louis sing Gershwin. – This duo cannot be beat.  Can you think of anything better than these two performing together? Well yes, because this could only be beat by seeing the impossible–the Ella and Louis performing live together.  Since that just cannot be done, this is a close second!

Next week, the 1940’s!