New Releases on DVD – May 2009

Bride Wars

Two best friends become rivals when they schedule their respective weddings on the same day. Cast: Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Kristen Johnston, Bryan Greenberg, Candice Bergen. Rated PG

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Benjamin Button is a not-so-ordinary man who began his life under unusual circumstances. Born in his eighties at the end of World War I, Benjamin ages backwards. Cast: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Taraji P. Henson, Julia Ormond, Jason Flemying, Elias Koteas, Tilda Swinton.Based on the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Rated PG-13

The Day the Earth Stood Still

An otherworldly being’s arrival on Earth triggers an unstoppable series of events that threaten all of mankind. Cast: Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Jaden Smith, John Cleese, Jon Hamm, Kathy Bates. Based on the 1951 screenplay by Edmund H. North. Contains the 1951 film version as well. Rated PG-13

The Family That Preys

Working-class Alice and wealthy Charlotte are friends and mothers who have supported each other through all that their families have gone through over the years. Unfortunately, their families are now embroiled in a new turmoil –with each other. Can the two women save their children from the dark secrets and dirty deeds that threaten to destroy them all? Cast: Alfre Woodard, Sanaa Lathan, Rockmond Dunbar, KaDee Strickland, Cole Hauser, Taraji P. Henson, Robin Givens, Tyler Perry, Kathy Bates. Rated PG-13

Frost Nixon

Richard Nixon is the disgraced president with a legacy to save. David Frost is a jet-setting television personality with a name to make. This is the legendary battle between the two men and the historic encounter that changed both their lives. Cast: Frank Langella, Michael Sheen, Kevin Bacon, Rebecca Hall, Toby Jones, Matthew Macfadyen, Oliver Platt, Sam Rockwell. Based on the stage play by Peter Morgan. Rated R

Lost in Austen

Amanda Price is a devoted Jane Austen fan; often immersing herself into a world of dashing gents, elegant corsets and picturesque manor houses. Unsatisfied with her life and relationship in modern day London, Amanda’s ordinary existence is changed forever when she discovers Elizabeth Bennet alive in her bathroom and ends up replacing her in the very real fictional world of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Cast: Jemima Rooper, Alex Kingston, Elliot Cowan, Hugh Bonneville, Gemma Arterton, Lindsay Duncan. Not Rated

The Marriage Counselor

Tyler Perry transforms the art of marriage, life, and family with a fun and fulfilling onstage experience. Includes original songs by Perry. Cast: Tamar Davis, Palmer Williams Jr., Tony Grant, Myra Beasley, Brandi Milton. Not Rated

Max Payne

Max Payne, an undercover DEA agent, is framed for the murder of a fellow agent and seeks to avenge the Mafia slayings of his wife and child. Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Beau Bridges, Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges, Olga Kurylenko. Rated PG-13

Meet Dave

A crew of miniature aliens operate a spaceship that has a human form.  Cast: Eddie Murphy, Elizabeth Banks, Gabrielle Union, Scott Caan, Ed Helms, Kevin Hart. Rated PG

My Best Friend’s Girl

Tank Tuner, the Romeo of raunch, who learned behaving badly from his oversexed father, is a world-class jerk that other guys hire to show their girlfriends how much worse it could be without them. But Tank has finally crossed the wrong girl … Alexis. She is his best friend’s girl and the one girl who might be crazy as he is. Cast: Dane Cook, Kate Hudson, Jason Biggs, Lizzy Caplan, Alec Baldwin.  Rated  R

Seven Pounds

Tim Thomas is searching for a way to redeem his heavy conscience. He discovers he has the power to change the circumstances of seven strangers who deserve a second chance, but when one of them captures his heart, he must decide if he should reveal his dark secret. Cast: Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Michael Ealy, Barry Pepper, Woody Harrelson. Rated PG-13


When straight-arrow FBI agent Roy Clayton investigates a dangerous international conspiracy responsible for a prison break in Yeman, a bombing in Nice and a raid in London, all clues seem to lead back to former U.S. Special Operations officer, Samir Horn. Cast: Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Said Taghmaoui, Neal McDonough, Alyy Khan, Jeff Daniels. Rated PG-13

Yes Man

Carl Allen signs up for a self-help program based on one simple principle: say yes to everything … and anything. Unleashing the power of ‘yes’ transforms Carl’s life in amazing and unexpected ways, but he soon discovers that embracing every opportunity might just become too much of a good thing. Cast: Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel, Bradley Cooper, John Michael Higgins, Terence Stamp. Rated PG-13