New Mysteries – March 2008

The Anatomy of Deception Lawrence Goldstone – A forensic thriller from 1889 Philadelphia features Dr. Carroll as he grapples with the principles of the scientific process to track a daring killer.

The Apostate’s Tale Margaret Frazer – In the spring of 1452, Dame Frevisse is reunited with a lost soul she never expected to see again. This is the latest title in a popular series.

As the World Churns Tamar Myers – Mennonite innkeeper Magdalena Yoder may be newly married, but she is still faced with a new mystery at the Hernia Holstein Competition.

Blue Heaven C.J. Box – A ticking-clock plot finds rancher Jess Rawlins hoping to protect two children who were unintended witnesses to murder, from the author of the Joe Pickett novels.

The Book of Old Houses Sarah Graves – Jacobia Tiptree discovers a mysterious book during the course of her renovation of an 1823 house in a quaint seaside town in Maine.

The Chameleon’s Shadow Minette Walters – When British lieutenant Charles Acland returns from Iraq with a serious head injury, his personality is changed, but would he be capable of murder?

Death of a Gentle Lady M.C. Beaton – The elderly Mrs. Gentle may not be all that she appeared, especially after she is found murdered.

Down Into Darkness David Lawrence – London Detective Stella Mooney is faced with a series of gruesome murders that are connected, but how?

Extracurricular Activities Maggie Barbieri – Alison Bergeron, English professor, is involved in cozy murder replete with romance, humor and suspense.

The Eye of Jade Diane Wei Liang – Mei Wang is a modern, independent woman in today’s Beijing. She is also the city’s first successful female private investigator.

Gas City Loren D. Estleman – The black heart of Gas City is exposed in this tale of lust, power, revenge and madness.

Hand of Evil J. A. Jance – Ali Reynolds becomes involved in a series of grisly murders committed by a killer who is crisscrossing the Southwest.

The Mortal Groove Ellen Hart – Jane Lawless, restaurateur and amateur sleuth is celebrating New Year’s Eve when her party takes a different turn.

Of Blood and Sorrow Valerie Wilson Wesley – Private investigator, Tamara Hayle discovers how the ties that bind can also become a noose.

A Pale Horse Charles Todd – Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge is searching for a missing man, but the result is a shocking killing spree.

Person of Interest Theresa Schwegel – Leslie McHugh is married to an undercover cop, who has more secrets that even she is willing to ignore.

Plum Lucky Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum is back with a between-the-numbers, off-the-wall mystery caper.

Prayer of the Dragon Eliot Pattison – Former Beijing investigator, Shan Tao Yun is on parole from a Tibetan work camp when his skills are needed after two men are murdered in a remote village.

The Purrfect Murder Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown – Is Mrs. Murphy and her associate Mary Minor a match for a killer who has made everyone in Crozet, Virginia a suspect?

Saturday’s Child Ray Banks – A hard-boiled British mystery that features Cal Innes who is fresh out of prison, by a writer who has been compared to Ian Rankin.

The Seduction of the Crimson Rose Lauren Willig – Another episode from the Pink Carnation series featuring Lord Vaughn who is a British spy during the Napoleonic era.

The Serpent’s Daughter Suzanne Arruda – Adventure and suspense abound as American adventuress Jade del Cameron faces murder and a kidnapping in 1920’s Tangier.

Stranger in Paradise Robert B. Parker – Police Chief Jesse Stone faces his most fearsome adversary in this latest book by the author of the famed Spenser novels.

T is for Trespass Sue Grafton – The latest Kinsey Millhone adventure may be her most unsettling to date.

Three Shirt Deal Stephen J. Cannell – LAPD detective Shane Scully fights to save a man railroaded for murder.

Touchstone Laurie R. King – Intrigue, terrorism and explosive passions ignite after a visit to a remote cottage in Cornwall and a meeting with the man code-named Touchstone.

Voices Arnaldur Indriđason – The author of Silence of the Grave, the Gold Dagger award-winner, returns with another Icelandic mystery featuring Inspector Erlendur Sveinsson.

Watchman Ian Rankin – Miles Flint, government spy, has been making some serious mistakes, but something else is wrong at the agency that has nothing to do with his errors.