New Fiction – June 2008

The Angel Carla Neggers – Along a remote coast of Ireland, Keira Sullivan pursues the mysterious legend of an ancient Celtic stone angel. During her search, she senses a malevolent presence…

Belong to Me Marisa de los Santos – Cornelia Brown and her husband Teo find that life in the suburbs is one of secrets and complex interactions.

Cathedral of the SeaIldefonso FalconesTranslated from the Spanish this worldwide bestseller centers on the building of a church in medieval Barcelona.

Child 44 Tom Rob Smith – In Stalinist Russia, Leo Demidov, an officer with the State Security Force, has been denounced. To save his life he must uncover a criminal, though even suggesting the existence of a murderer is a crime against the State.

Comfort Food Kate Jacobs – The author of The Friday Night Knitting Club focuses on a celebrity cook who learns how to spice up her own life.

The Crystal Skull Manda Scott – A blue crystal skull fashioned by the Maya to save the world from ruin is the focal point a thriller that posits the end of the world on December 21, 2012.

A Dangerous Age Ellen Gilchrist – Controversy and sadness seems to be part of the life of the southern family of the Hands, especially following the events of 9/11.

Dead Heat Joel Rosenberg – As a presidential race heats up in a fiercely contested election, who will lead a bitterly divided country over the next four years? What has the Secret Service learned about a terrorist plot?

Escape Robert K. Tanenbaum – New York City D.A. Butch Karp faces two different situations that become shockingly similar.

Fear and Yoga in New Jersey Debra Galant – Nina, a stressed-out yoga teacher should be calmly guiding her students through their sessions, but instead is worried about … everything.

The Finder Colin Harrison – A tale of global intrigue that takes place in New York City.

A Good Indian Wife Anne Cherian – Neel Sarath, an Indian-American anesthesiologist in San Francisco finds that the marriage his family arranges presents a new and unexpected set of challenges.

The Host Stephenie Meyer – Most of humanity has succumbed to an unseen enemy that inhabits humans as a host, their minds taken over. Melanie is one of the few remaining “wild” humans.

Killing Rommel Steven Pressfield – A tale of World War II based on the real life exploits of theLong Range Desert Group, an elite British special forces unit that took on the “Desert Fox.”

The Lady Elizabeth Alison Weir – A look at the early life of young Elizabeth Tudor who would grow up to become England’s most powerful queen.

Love the One You’re With Emily Griffin – An answer to the question: how can I love the one I’m with when I can’t forget the one who got away?

Moon Shell Beach Nancy Thayer – Lexi Laney and Clare Hart find their adult lives to be quite different than their childhood friendship shared on Nantucket.

The Outlander Gil Adamson – In 1903 a mysterious young woman flees alone across the West, fleeing from those who would avenge her husband’s death.

Practically Perfect Katie Fforde – Anna, a new interior designer, decides to renovate an adorable cottage in desperate need of fixing up.

Secrets Jude Deveraux – Cassandra Madden meets once again with her true love, but must solve the secrets of those around her to find happiness.

Skeletons at the Feast Chris Bohjalian – The brutal landscape of Nazi Germany is depicted as a band of refugees struggle westward ahead of the advancing Russian army.

So Brave, Young, and Handsome Leif Enger – The author of Peace Like a River, returns with the story of anaging train robber on a quest to reclaim his life.

The Steel Wave: A Novel of World War II Jeff Shaara – The story of D-Day, the Allies’ invasion of France, is told through the stories of an array of dynamic characters.

The Sugar Queen Sarah Addison Allen – The follow-up to the author’s Garden Spells sees Josey Cirrini’s life expand -thanks to tough-talking, tender-hearted Della Lee.

Swine Not?: A Novel Pig Tale Jimmy Buffett – A Southern family is determined to hide their pet pig in a fancy four-star hotel in New York City. Vintage Buffett.

The Tenth Gift Jane Johnson – In London, Julia Lovat receives a gift that will change her life. A book of 17th century embroidery patterns sends her to Morocco on a quest to discover the life story of Catherine Ann Tregenna.

We Are Now Beginning Our Descent James Meek – Adam Kellas, journalist and would-be novelist, is teetering toward self-destruction when he accepts an assignment to remote Afghanistan.

The World Before Her Deborah Weisgall – Venice is the setting for the story of George Eliot who came to the famed city for her honeymoon, and a parallel story of Caroline Spingold who also travels to Venice one hundred years later, in 1980.