New DVDs: Feature Length Films and TV Series – October 2008

Anglo Saxon Attitudes

A disillusioned 60-year-old historian is determined to make peace with his past after an archaeological dig as a young student led to an affair with his best friend’s fiancee. Cast: Richard Johnson, Tara Fitzgerald, Douglas Hodge, Elizabeth Spriggs, Daniel Craig, Kate Winslet. Based on the novel by Angus Wilson.


Backstairs at the White House

An intimate look at life in the White House through eight administrations as remembered by a mother and daughter who, between them, served as White House maids for 52 years. Cast: Leslie Uggams, Olivia Cole, Louis Gossett, Jr., Robert Hooks, Leslie Nielsen, Cloris Leachman. Originally broadcast on television as a mini-series in 1979. Based partially on My Thirty Years Backstairs at the White House by Lillian Rogers Parks. Not rated.



Relive the grand hopes, dreams, loves and adventures of generations of residents in Centennial, Colorado– from their risky attempts to establish a settlement in 1795 through the politics and power plays of the 20th century. Cast: Robert Conrad, Richard Chamberlain, Raymond Burr, Sally Kellerman, Barbara Carrera, Gregory Harrison, Stephanie Zimbalist, Cristina Raines, Richard Crenna, Alex Karras, Cliff De Young, Dennis Weaver, Glynn Turman, Rafael Campos, Robby Weaver, Timothy Dalton, Lynn Redgrave, Brian Keith, Clive Revill, Anthony Zerbe, Lois Nettleton, Doug McKeon, William Atherton, Jesse Vint, David Janssen, Robert Vaughn, Andy Griffith, Sharon Gless, Merle Haggard. Based on the novel by James Michener. Originally broadcast on television in 1978. Not rated.


Dexter: Season 2

Dexter Morgan is a Miami police forensics expert who moonlights as a serial killer of criminals who he believes have escaped justice. Cast: Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter, Erik King, Lauren Velez, David Zayas, James Remar. Originally broadcast by Showtime in 2007.Based on the novel by Jeff Lindsay.


Father Brown: Set 2

Father Brown is a seemingly distracted and even a bit dotty priest. He always manages to confound criminals with his keen observations and inescapable logic. He prefers to go unnoticed, dismissed as irrelevant. That is until the moment of truth arrives and he unravels the most devious criminal schemes. Cast: Kenneth More, Dennis Burgess. Based on the novels by G.K. Chesterton. Originally broadcast on television in 1974.


Friendly Persuasion

A heart-warming story about the day-to-day experiences of a Quaker family living in Indiana in 1862, showing their religious beliefs, their worldly temptations, their petty feuds, and their reactions in a time of crisis. Cast: Gary Cooper, Dorothy McGuire, Marjorie Main, Robert Middleton, Anthony Perkins. Based on the book by Jessamyn West.


The Good Soldier

Two wealthy, handsome couples–one English, one American–meet at a German spa and forge an immediate bond. Through nine seasons at the spa, the splendid foursome share the same tastes, the same desires, and the same elegantly perfect lives. But in a series of startling time and perspective shifts, we learn, little by little, just how far short of perfection their lives really were. Cast: Jeremy Brett, Robin Ellis, Susan Fleetwood, Vickery Turner, Elizabeth Garvie, Pauline Moran, John Ratzenberger. Based on the novel by Ford Madox Ford. Originally broadcast on BBC’s Masterpiece theatre in 1981. Not Rated


Midsomer Murders: Set 11

The cozy villages of Midsomer County reveal their most sinister secrets in these contemporary British television mysteries. Cast: John Nettles, Jason Hughes, Jane Wymark, Laura Howard. Inspired by the novels of Caroline Graham. Not rated.


Noble House

Pierce Brosnan stars in this mini-series based on the bestseller by James Clavell. As the head of a powerful Hong Kong trading firm, he must deal with rivals out to bring his empire down…at any price. Not Rated


Rough Diamond

Aging criminal mastermind Des simply won’t go gentle into that good night. Donning all manner of disguises, he can fool the authorities–and his marks–into thinking he’s just another harmless old geezer. Behind his spectacles, though, Des always has his eye out for the next big score in diamonds, gold, or piles of cold cash. His intricately planned heists prove so daring and so outrageous that he always gets his target. And as for Des’s victims– well, they get what they deserve. Cast: David Jason, Stephen Wight, George Cole, Jan Francis, Don Warrington. Not Rated


To the Ends of the Earth

From Nobel laureate William Golding’s (Lord of the Flies) epic sea-voyage trilogy comes the story of an ambitious British aristocrat, humbled by the lives of his fellow passengers, as he embarks on an ocean voyage for Australia where he is to be an official in the colonial government. Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Brian Pettifer, Victoria Hamilton, Daniel Evans, Robert Hobbs, Jared Harris, Theo Landey, Jamie Sives, JJ Feild, Tim Delap, Chris Walker, Sam Neill, Charles Dance, Richard McCabe, Joanna Page. Originally broadcast on the BBC, 2005. Rating TV 13



The movie features the struggle between a L.A. police officer and a dangerous, sadistic intelligent notorious killer, a virtual reality creation that has escaped cyberspace. Cast: Denzel Washington, Kelly Lynch, Russell Crowe, Stephen Spinella, William Forsythe, Louise Fletcher. Rated R


A Woman of Independent Means

Based on the bestselling novel by Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey. A woman must overcome obstacles and persevere during a time when women’s rights were scarce and independence was all but forbidden. A compelling portrait of one woman’s strength, courage, and defiance. Cast: Sally Field, Ron Silver, Tony Goldwyn, Jack Thompson. Not Rated


You Know My Name

Bill Tilghman, a lawman and former partner of Wyatt Earp, confronts a new era when outlaws run whiskey instead of cattle and are as likely to tote a tommy gun as a six-gun. Cast: Sam Elliott, Arliss Howard, Carolyn McCormick.