New DVDs: TV Series, Nonfiction and Feature Length Films – March and April 2010

All That Jazz

Bob Fosse’s autobiographical film celebrates the raunchy underbelly of show business. Successful director-choreographer Joe Gideon (Roy Scheider) is at the top of the Broadway heap. But he stands powerless as his world slowly collapses around him; his obsession with work has almost destroyed his personal life, and only his bottles of Dexedrine keep him going. Soon, it’s clear Gideon will have to make a choice — his art or his life. (1979) Rated R

An Angel for May

When Tom (Matthew Beard), a boy living in contemporary Yorkshire, is swept through a time warp with his dog, he arrives in World War II-era England and meets May (Charlotte Wakefield), a girl suffering from the trauma of losing her family during a bomb strike. As Tom tries to find his way back to his own time, the two form a bond that teaches both some important lessons. Tom Wilkinson co-stars in this heartwarming family drama. (2002) Not Rated

The Belle of Amherst

Julie Harris reprises her Tony Award-winning Broadway role as 19th century American poet Emily Dickinson in this one-woman interpretation of the great literary figure’s life. Against the backdrop of Dickinson’s 19th century Amherst, Mass., home, Harris declaims from the reclusive poet’s poems, letters and diaries to offer a delicate portrait of the artist as both a real human being and long-suffering genius. (1976) Not rated

Big Love: The Complete Third Season

After a tumultuous year that saw the Hendrickson family exposed as polygamists — and Roman (Harry Dean Stanton) exposed as the snitch — Bill (Bill Paxton) and his trio of wives (Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloë Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin) have regrouped for a third season of this Best Drama Emmy nominee. Roman has been arrested; his son (Matt Ross) has stepped in to fill his shoes; and Barb has joined the board of the family business. TV-MA

Billy Elliot

When 11-year-old Billy Elliot (Jamie Bell) trades boxing school for ballet lessons, his father (Gary Lewis) — a hardworking miner from Northern England who despises the idea of his son running around in toe shoes — is less than pleased. But when the boy wins an audition for the Royal Ballet School, he experiences a change of heart. Stephen Daldry directs this Oscar-nominated drama that spawned a Tony-winning Broadway musical of the same name. (2000) Rated R

The Bridges of Madison County

When her family is off at the state fair, vaguely discontented Iowa housewife Francesca Johnson (Meryl Streep) meets National Geographic shutterbug Robert Kincaid (Clint Eastwood), who’s in Madison County to shoot Iowa’s covered bridges. What begins as a guarded friendship soon erupts into an intense affair that rekindles Francesca’s forgotten passions. But she finds her emotions in conflict when the time comes to choose her future. (1995) Rated PG-13

Broken Arrow

When rogue stealth-fighter pilot Vic Deakins (John Travolta) deliberately drops off the radar while on maneuvers, the Air Force ends up with two stolen nuclear warheads — and Deakins’s co-pilot, Riley Hale (Christian Slater), is the military’s only hope for getting them back. Traversing the deserted canyons of Utah, Hale teams with park ranger Terry Carmichael (Samantha Mathis) to put Deakins back in his box. But can they pull it off? (1996) Rated R

A Chorus Line

Based on the smash hit Broadway musical with a score by Marvin Hamlisch and starring Michael Douglas, A Chorus Line tells the story of a group of young dancers auditioning for a part in a new show. It includes such song hits as “What I Did for Love,” “Dance 10, Looks 3” and “At the Ballet.” The stage version won many Tony Awards and even a Pulitzer Prize. (1985) Rated PG-13

Easter Parade

Judy Garland and Fred Astaire sing and trip the light fantastic to 17 Irving Berlin tunes in this romantic classic. The simple plot concerns a hoofer (Astaire) who teams with an inexperienced chorus girl (Garland) in order to show up his former dance partner, Nadine (Ann Miller). Berlin’s tunes, which include “We’re a Couple of Swells” and “Happy Easter,” sparkle in Astaire and Garland’s able hands (and feet). Peter Lawford co-stars. (1948) Not Rated


Frances McDormand won an Oscar for her turn as pregnant police chief Marge Gunderson — a serious sleuth who’s sharper than her folksy accent suggests — in this black comedy. William H. Macy co-stars as a car dealer who conspires with hotheaded kidnappers (Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare) to kidnap his wife (Kristin Rudrüd) so he can pocket part of the hefty ransom. (1996)  Rated R

Five Easy Pieces

Jack Nicholson, a promising concert pianist, chucks it all to work on a California oil rig.  Years later he returns home to confront the cultured and dysfunctional family he left behind when he learns his father is ill.  (1970) Rated R

For Me and My Gal

Judy Garland puts Gene Kelly (in his MGM screen debut) through his musical paces in this tuneful delight about a couple of vaudeville hoofers on the rise. But things go inconveniently dark when America enters World War I and Kelly gets his draft notice to report for duty. Will he dodge the draft now that stardom is just within reach? Includes the title tune (a great duet for Judy and Gene) and “Ballin’ the Jack.” Busby Berkeley directs. Not rated (1942)

G.I. Jane

Ridley Scott directs this intense look at Lt. Jordan O’Neil (Demi Moore), a Navy topographer chosen as a litmus test for women in combat. O’Neil enters the elite but punishing Navy SEALs force — though with its 60% dropout rate, no one actually expects her to succeed. Watch as a steely-nerved and tightly muscled Moore attempts to prove everyone wrong. Viggo Mortensen co-stars as a crusty instructor who dishes out the grueling training regime. (1997) Rated R

Glee: Season One, Volume One: Road to Sectionals

High school Spanish teacher Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) agrees to take over the school’s glee club, whose misfit members are eager to reverse the group’s reputation as the worst in the country. Featuring several musical numbers in each episode, the Golden Globe-winning series also stars Chris Colfer as drama queen Kurt, Amber Riley as diva Mercedes, Cory Monteith as quarterback Finn and Lea Michele as perfectionist Rachel. Vol. 1 includes the first half of Season 1.

Goodnight Mister Tom

Bitter old Tom Oakley (John Thaw) is transformed after taking in young war refugee William Beech (Nick Robinson), who’s evacuated to Tom’s village during the London blitz in this affecting Masterpiece Theatre adaptation of Michelle Magorian’s novel. Ill-tempered Tom grudgingly agrees to harbor Willie and slowly coaxes the cheerless boy from his shell as the two form an unlikely bond. But Willie’s joy is shattered when his mother beckons him home. Not Rated

A Greater Yes: The True Story of Amy Newhouse

After climbing Pampa High School’s popularity chain, taking her volleyball team to the state championship, and founding the school’s first drug-, alcohol- and violence-free club, Amy Newhouse must now fight the biggest battle of her life — cancer. Not Rated (2008)

Herb and Dorothy

Chronicling the story of unlikely art collectors Herb Vogel and Dorothy Vogel, filmmaker Megumi Sasaki demonstrates that it’s not necessary to be wealthy in order to build a significant collection in this fascinating documentary. A postal clerk and a librarian, the Vogels share a passion for art, which they pursued over decades, becoming two of the most important collectors of minimalist and conceptual art with more than 4,000 pieces.

The Hex: The Complete First Season

Shy teenager Cassie (Christina Cole) dreams of hanging out with the popular kids at her British boarding school, but has to make due with her best friend and fellow outcast, Thelma (Jemima Rooper). Everything changes, however, when Cassie discovers she’s descended from an ancient supernatural clan and is drawn into a dangerous yet intriguing world. Michael Fassbender, Amber Sainsbury and Jamie Davis co-star in this gothic fantasy from England. (2004) Not Rated

Inside the Pentagon

The Pentagon is the military nerve center of the United States, reaching out to far-flung battlefields with information, technology and a culture that permeates more of America and the world than many realize. This National Geographic documentary depicts the Pentagon’s 58-year history, taking viewers into the restricted inner workings of the Pentagon, and includes coverage of the response following the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. (2002)


Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep star in this moody Depression-era drama about Francis Phelan, a former pro baseball player haunted by his past and now living the squalid life of a nomadic drunk. Crippled by guilt and sorrow, Phelan reunites with his erstwhile lover and drinking pal (Streep) on the bleak streets of 1938 Albany, N.Y. Hector Babenco directs this Oscar-nominated adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by William Kennedy. Rated R (1987)

Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?

In this engaging discussion on moral and political philosophies, professor and author Michael Sandel invites you into his Harvard University classroom to spark debate on long-standing beliefs about democracy, equality, justice and more. A popular course at Harvard, Justice applies the philosophies of Aristotle, Kant and others to modern-day dilemmas such as same-sex marriage, affirmative action, surrogate motherhood, loyalty and human rights. (2009)

The Last Brickmaker in America

Haunted by the death of his wife and the obsolescence of his life’s work, brickmaker Henry Cobb’s (Sidney Poitier) existence is invigorated when he becomes the unexpected mentor to a troubled 13-year-old boy (Cody Newton). Helmed by Gregg Champion, this touching made-for-television drama also stars Jay O. Sanders and Wendy Crewson as Danny’s self-centered parents, Mike and Karen Potter. Rated PG (2001)

A Leap of Faith

Rick and Lindsay meet at a rehabilitation camp for the blind, they each have a challenge to overcome.  Lindsay is coping with blindness, and Rick must prove that he can be trusted.  Although they clash at first, it isn’t long before they are leaning on each other for strength. Not rated (1995)

Lost Episodes of Victor Borge: Volume 1

Lost Episodes of Victor Borge: Volume 2

Victor Borge in all his glory, these are comedy routines from Borge’s TV specials never before released on home video.

Lovejoy: The Complete Season Six

Sharp-eyed antiques dealer and sleuth Lovejoy (Ian McShane) has his hands full in the sixth and final season of this popular BBC mystery series, which finds both Charlotte (Caroline Langrishe) and Tinker (Dudley Sutton) disappearing in separate instances. Lovejoy also runs afoul of a loan shark, searches for a priceless samurai sword, tangles with the police yet again, and finds himself torn between two women.  Not Rated

Lovejoy: The Christmas Specials

Even shady antiques dealers have to deal with Christmas, and Lovejoy (Ian McShane) is no exception. But when it involves a savage attack, a hunt in Prague and a mission to clear a name in North Carolina, holiday cheer takes on a whole new meaning. (1992 and 1993) Not Rated

Mrs. Winterbourne

Pregnant 18-year-old Connie (Ricki Lake) has been kicked out by her boyfriend. On a train, she meets Hugh Winterbourne (Brendan Fraser) and his pregnant wife, Patricia (Ricki Lake again). When the train wrecks and Connie wakes up in the hospital — mistaken for the widowed Patricia — Hugh’s mother (Shirley MacLaine) takes her in. Playing along with the charade, Connie soon falls in love with Hugh’s twin brother, Bill (Brendan Fraser again).  Rated PG-13 (1996)

Prizzi’s Honor

Jack Nicholson stars as dim-bulb Mafia hit man Charley Partanna, who falls hard for sultry freelance killer-for-hire Irene Walker (Kathleen Turner). But the lovebirds are facing double trouble: The woman Charley jilted — Maerose Prizzi (Anjelica Huston), the don’s daughter — desperately wants her man back, and Irene happens to have pilfered a boatload of Prizzi dough! Huston snagged a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her venomous portrayal. Rated R (1985)

Pulp Fiction

A burger-loving hit man (John Travolta), his philosophical partner (Samuel L. Jackson), a drug-addled gangster’s moll (Uma Thurman) and a washed-up boxer (Bruce Willis) converge in this sprawling, comedic crime caper fueled by director and co-writer Quentin Tarantino’s whip-smart dialogue. Their adventures unfurl in three stories that ingeniously trip back and forth in time, resulting in one of the most audacious and imitated films of the 1990s. Rated R (1994)

The Sixth Day

Ah-nuld” is back and brawnier than ever! This time, Schwarzenegger is a helicopter pilot who finds himself on the “To Do” list of a murderous tycoon (Tony Goldwyn). The good news is that the hit gets botched. The bad news is that Goldwyn has cloned Arnold, who must fight to get his life back. An action-packed spin on the ethical quandary of cloning, The 6th Day is future-perfect. RatedPG-13 (2000)

Smart Start Yoga

Instructors, Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman use several guided chair and standing yoga poses as well as a seated meditation session to help restore calm and can be used anywhere at anytime.

Something to Sing About

Tommy (Darius McCrary) worries that he’ll never get a break. An ex-con with the voice of an angel, Tommy finds his luck changing when Memaw (Irma P. Hall), a kindly grandmother who hears him singing one day, takes him in. Soon, he’s found God, lands a job and has a chance for his big singing break. He’s also caught the eye of Memaw’s beautiful granddaughter. But Tommy’s old friend doesn’t believe he’s changed, and he must fight for his new life. Not Rated (2000)

Sophie’s Choice

Aspiring author Stingo (Peter MacNicol) shares a Brooklyn boarding house with winsome Polish émigré Sophie (Meryl Streep) and her mercurial lover, Nathan (Kevin Kline) — a union unsettled by Nathan’s violent behavior and Sophie’s disturbing recollections of her wartime experience. Stingo uncovers the truth about Sophie, however, when her accounts of her stint at a Nazi concentration camp unravel, laying bare the real source of her torment. Rated R (1982)

Station Jim

Train station porter Bob Gregson (Charlie Creed-Miles) finds a stray dog he dubs Station Jim. Soon, the pup is a favorite among the local orphanage children. So when the orphanage is threatened by closure, Station Jim must help save the facility with a few dog tricks of his own. But can Jim do all this and foil a plot against the queen? Laura Fraser and Thomas Sangster co-star in this family film set in Victorian England. Not Rated (2001)

Vanilla Sky

David Aames (Tom Cruise) has it all: wealth, good looks and a gorgeous woman (Cameron Diaz) on his arm. But just when he’s found true love with warmhearted Sofia (Penélope Cruz), his face is horribly disfigured in a car accident, and he loses everything … or does he? Director Cameron Crowe delivers a bizarre yet beautiful take on love, beauty and morality inspired by Alejandro Amenábar’s Spanish-language film Open Your Eyes, also starring Cruz. Rated R (2001)

The Warrior 

After venturing into China on a diplomatic mission, a group of Korean envoys is captured, accused of espionage and sent to a remote desert to die. Refusing to accept their fate, they make their way back to Korea. That journey leads to the rescue of a beautiful Ming princess (Ziyi Zhang) and a fierce battle with bloodthirsty Mongol warriors. Sung-su Kim directs this lavish production, one of the most expensive in the history of Korean film.     Rated R (2001)

Windows 7  for Dummies

Teaches how to use Windows 7, including how to keep track of files, create music CDs, fix common problems, and customize a Windows 7 desktop. (2009)


Acclaimed director John Schlesinger stages this epic romance across the dramatic backdrop of World War II. Stationed in England at the end of the war, three American soldiers (Richard Gere, William Devane and Chick Vennera) find romance with three local women: Jean Moreton (Lisa Eichhorn), Helen (Vanessa Redgrave) and Mollie (Wendy Morgan). Jazz fans should keep an eye out for singer Annie Ross in a brief role as a bus driver. Rated R (1979)