Music of the 1940s

Even though America and the world found themselves facing an immensly trying time due to World War II, the music of the 1940s proved an outlet through which everyone could escape.  But if anything, this decade opened a door musically which has never quite closed.  Popular of ‘Pop’ music as it’s now known really kicked off in the 1940’s.  The first Teen Heart-Throb was the classic crooner, Frank Sinatra himself, and the big band sound of swing was more popular than ever.   This week I have a sweet selection ranging from blues, to swing, and everything in between.

The very best of the Rat Pack – To kick off, this CD features the most memorable tunes from the iconic Rat Pack.  It’s the perfect album kick back and relax as you imagine the glamour and the bright lights of Vegas which this CD evokes!

The Reprise collection / Frank Sinatra – This four CD collection offers a great range of songs from Frank Sinarta!  From “Fly me to the moon” to “My kind of town” this collection is the perfect addition to your playlists.  Maybe pick up a mystery featuring a Femme Fatale and a Private Eye to accompany this great set!

Twelve nights in Hollywood / Ella Fitzgerald – In this collection, the classic and classy Ella Fitxgerald sings to an album which ewokes the feeling of old Hollywood glamour, before the days of TMZ and ‘Reality Stars’.

#1 hits of the 1940’s / original artists – To capture the 1940’s on one album, look no farther than this one!  From the big band sound of swing to jazz classics, this album would be a great addition to anyones music collection!

The only big band CD you’ll ever need – I think the title of this one speaks for itself.  If you’re having a backyard get together and want to kick the party up a notch, throw on this album and watch as your friends break off in to pairs to dance the night away!

Next week: The 1950s comes alive!