Free Investment & Retirement Planning Series

Free Investment & Retirement Planning Series

The Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities is hosting a series of weekly webinars this February called Midweek Money Market. This free webinar series on investing and retirement planning covers a variety of topics, including: Saving for Investing, How Much Do I NEED to Retire, Making Your Retirement Last in Your Golden Years, and Protecting Your Retirement from Fraud.

The February schedule is below. Registration is required. Click on the date for the link to register for this free program.

2/2/2021 & 2/3/2021Saving for Investing: You know that investing for long-term goals is important, but you may think that you cannot make happen right now. This session will cover ways to make saving for investing a part of our daily budget plan. We will cover setting goals and saving money on other expenses to prioritize long-term investing goals. We will explore spending logs, and the many ways you can “make a budget.”

2/9/2021 & 2/10/2021How Much do I NEED to Retire: Calculating what you need to retire can be difficult. Where do you start to come up with that magic number? Will you have a mortgage or car payment? What will your sources of income be; pension, Social Security, 401(k), etc. This session will help you to evaluate where you are and where you need to be.

2/16/2021 & 2/17/2021Making Your Retirement Investments Last: You worked 25+ years and are entering the next season of your life. Do you have a strategy to make it last? Knowing how to live the next 20 years on that nest egg is a big concern for many. This session will cover strategies to help you live out your golden years and will wrap up with a discussion about the new required minimum distribution rules that went into effect last year!

2/23/2021 & 2/24/2021Investment Scams – Protecting your investments from fraudsters: Frauds and scams generally are a dime a dozen; did you know that there are scam artists out there that intentionally target getting their hands-on individual investor’s money? We will cover the red flags of investment scams like Ponzi schemes, free lunches, and even affinity fraud in this discussion about investment scams.