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Just added to the Collection! Erhu ChantAnonymousCD 781.6 MEI 20061. Idyllic Tune2. Weeping River Of Sorrow3. Celebrating The Harvest Of Grapes4. Ode To Shanmenxia Gorge5. Birdsong Echoing In A Quiet Valley6. A Bunch Of Flowers7. Moon Reflected In The Twin-Spring Lake8. Ballad Of North Henan Province

Spirit on Two StringsJie-Bing Chen CD 781.6 CHE 19931. Moon Reflects On Erh-Chaun Spring2. Soughing Pines3. The Flowing River4. On The Way Home5. Birds Singing In A Deserted Mountain6. Flicking Of The Candlelight7. Eve’s Night8. Singing At Leisure9. Bright Prospects

The Essential Guide to ChinaVarious ArtistsCD 781.6 ESS 20082008 three CD set. The Essential Guide to China features over three hours outstanding music celebrating the rich culture and heritage of this ancient and fascinating country. In the lead up to the Olympics, awareness of China and Chinese culture will be at an all-time high, with mass media coverage and profile on all things Chinese. This triple disc set features distinctive traditional music, lush scores from Chinese movies, plus a selection of atmospheric meditation music, evoking the natural beauty and tranquility of China – this set has it all! Essential.

Best of Cui Jian 1986-1996Cui JianCD 781.6 CUI 20061. I Have Nothing2. Solution3. Flying4. Fake Monk5. Starting All Over6. This Space7. Stepping Out8. Bondoir Lady9. It Is Not That I Don’t See10. Wild On The Snow11. Tolerate12. Piece Of Red Cloth13. New Long March

Jasmine FlowerBeijing Angelic ChoirCD 781.6 BEI 1997 1. Children from the Mountain2. The Celebration of the Tribal Harvest Festivals3. The Anthem of Parents4. Eight Fiery Horses5. Snow-White Flower Blossoms6. Wedding7. Dong-Dong Kui (The Anthem Of Joy)8. The Jasmine Flower9. My Beautiful Homeland10. Lady A-Shi-Ma11. The Jubilant Torch Festival Celebration12. My Lovely Hometown13. A Rainy Day

Tan bo Zhongguo = Tug at China’s HeartstringsGuanren GuCD 781.6 TUG 20071. Jolly Tune2. Night Banquet3. Street-Walking Musicians4. In the Still Of Late Night5. Tune From Jin Region6. When Spring Visits South China7. Journey Beyond Xi Kou8. Riddle Guessing9. Camel Bell Ring Echoing Along the Silk Road10. Xi Trio For Three Sets Of Cymbals11. Ambush On All Sides12. Night In Moscow13. Saber Dance

Sunny SpringWu Wen’GuangCD 781.6 WU 2006 Maestro Wu has greatly contributed to the ancient Chinese qin art and this specially priced two-disc set captures some of his finest moments

Young Virtuosi from ShanghaiLiu Ming-yuanCD 781.6 CHI 2006 There is a startling contrast between the ultra-modern megalopolis of Shanghai and the traditional instruments played with amazing virtuosity by young outstanding musicians. Here, six brilliant soloists featur interpret pieces ranging from very old times to the early 20th century. Their precise, sensitive interpretations, as well as the well-documented liner notes, make this album a pleasant introduction to ancient, traditional, and classical styles of erudite Chinese music.1. Wai shan hu chuan ge2. Jin diao3. Gua hong deng4. Yi zu wu qu5. Liu shui6. Han jiang can xue7. Mai cai8. Bei ge9. Shan cun xiao jing10. Bing zhong yin11. Mo li hua12. Xi yang yang13. Han ya xi shui14. Jiang jun ling15. Shan dan dan16. Yu zhou chang wan

Eleven Centuries of Traditional Music of ChinaVarious ArtistsCD 781.6 ELE 1989 1. The Ambush3. Water And Clouds Over The Rivers Hsiao And Hsiang4. Wild Geese Descend On Level Sands5. High Moon6. Thunderstorm7. Water Lilly8. The Metamorphosis Of The Solitary Female PhoenixLook directly into the sunCD 781.6 LOO 20071. Close Your Cold Eyes2. Jai Jung3. Mario And Peaches4. Storm Eyes5. Pink 09 – Determining the Dose6. Dang7. Take Me Home8. What More9. Shanghai10. Song 511. Love Of Sun12. Nasty13. Fight Your Apathy14. Hold The Line15. Light16. Chian17. Panda18. We Just Free

Erhu classicsChen, JunCD 781.6 JUN 20001. Shaking Red Candle Flame2. Horse-Racing3. River Waters4. Erquan Spring Reflecting The Moon5. Beautiful Coconut Tree Island6. Moonlight7. Yizhihua8. Village Scenery9. Sunshine On Tashkurgan10. Galloping War-Horses

Chinese bamboo flute musicCD 781.6 CHI 19931. Capriccio For Chinese Flute2. The Flower Of Hsin-Jang3. A Tayal Folk Song4. The Funy On The Horseback5. Go Dating With My Love6. The Maidens Of The Tea Mountain7. Chatting With An Old Friend By The Window8. The Song Of The Four Seasons9. The Crab And The Egret

Phases of the moonCD 781.629 PHA 19811. The Moon Mirrored In The Pool2. The Moon On High3. Days of Emancipation4. Dance of the Yao People5. Peking Opera Melody: Flowing Water6. Tashwayi7. Spring on the Pamir Plateau8. Purple Bamboo Melody9. Dancing in the Moonlight10. Song of the Herdsmen11. Spring on a Moonlit River

Silk Sound Liu Fang CD 781.6 LIU 20061. High Mountains And Rippling Waters 2. Jasmine Flower 3. The King Of Chu Doffs His Armour 4. Primary Meeting 5. The Dragon Boat 6. Gold-Embroidered Tapestry 7. Kanding Love-Song 8. Autumn Moon Over The Calm Lake 9. Light Wind In A Cloud Of Falling Snow-Flakes 10. Autumn Moon Over The Han Imperial Palace 11. A Walk In The Country Of Dreams

Classical Chinese Folk Music Various Artists CD 781.629 CLA 1999 Disc: 1 1. Zi Zhu Diao (Purple Bamboo Melody) – Chen Dacan 2. Yu Ge (Song Of The Fisherman) – Li He 3. Jiang He Shui (Rivers And Streams) – Chen Dacan 4. Wu Bang Zi – Li He 5. Sai Ma (Horse Races) – Chen Dacan 6. Springtime On The Tianshan Mountains – Cheng Yu 7. Gu Xiang (My Home Town) – Chen Dacan 8. Huan Le Ge (Happy Song) – Li He 9. Liang Xiang (Beautiful Evening) – Chen Dacan 10. Chun Dou Xiang Jiang (Spring Comes To Xiang River) – Li He 11. Er Quan Ying Yue (Spring Water Reflects The Moon) – Chen Dacan 12. Flowing Water From The High Mountain – Cheng Yu 13. Feng Shou (Bumper Harvest) – Chen Dacan Disc: 2 1. Mu Min Xin Ge – Li He 2. Ping Hu Qiu Yue (Still Lake Under The Autumn Moon) – Chen Dacan 3. Guo Sou Xing (A Trip To Guo Sou) – Li He 4. San Liu (Three And Six) – Chen Dacan 5. In The Evening Of The Torch Festival – Cheng Yu 6. E Ma Yao Ling (Hungry Horses Ringing Bells) – Chen Dacan 7. Xi Xiang Fen (Happy Reunion) – Li He 8. Han Gong Qui Yue (Autumn Moon At The ‘Han’ Palace) – Chen Dacan 9. Three Ancient Tunes From Yenzhou:The Moon High In The Sky/Appreciation Of Plum Blossom By Winter… – Cheng Yu 10. Zo Xi Kou: The Wedding/The Cry Of Separation/Departure/Hope – Li He 11. Xi Yang Yang – Chen Dacan

Rough Guide to the Music of ChinaVarious Artists CD 781.6 CHI 20031. Yi Wu Suo You (Nothing To My Name) – Cui Jian2. Silaihuar – Urna3. Jiu Kuang ‘The Drinking Song’ – Yao Gongbai4. Wo Yao Hui Jia (I Want To Go Home) – Bai Hong5. My 1997 – Ai Jing6. Stone Forest Nocturne – Min Xiao-Fen7. Hong Niang Hui Zhang Sheng – Zheng Jun Mian8. Shanaxi Air – Silk Road Music9. Yellow Banana – Hang On The Box10. Nocturnal Light – Kin Tall11. Li Xiang Lan – Lan Guei Ji Ji12. The Green Brook Running – Tse Chun Yan13. Tirik Bostan – Sinkiang Uighur Autonomous Region, Song & Dance Ensemble14. Bo – Wu Xing15. Chiang Wei Cu Cu Kai – Gong Chio Xia16. Autumn Moon – Tats Lau17. The Night Of Bonfire – Liu Fang

Heavenly Bamboo and Silk StringsCD 781.6 HEA 20061. Autumn Meditation at the Dressing Table, A Theme of Tunes from the Nort2. Tune for a Peaceful Night3. Turned Over Curtain, Guangdong Music4. Wind Bathing Melody, Xiao and Music Band5. Autumn Wind Tune, Sichuan Genre Music6. Lament for Ying City, Ancient Tune7. Spring Thoughts in the Palace, Lute and Xiao Tune8. Three Variations on the Yangguan Theme, Xun and Music Band9. Thinking of an Old Friend, Ancient Tune10. Swirling Purple Cloud, Zither and Xiao Tune11. Puan Incantation, Ancient Tune

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